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You are required to register with TasBuild if you are an employer engaged in the construction industry in Tasmania. If you employ workers to carry out construction work in the construction industry (relevant employment) then you must register those workers with TasBuild.

The definition of a worker includes a person who is, or has been, employed in Relevant Employment including where their contract is wholly or substantially for their labour and workers contracted by group training companies or labour hire agencies, provided the work is in the construction industry.

To register as an employer with TasBuild please register online here or complete the registration form (PDF).
Register your workers by completing the employee registration form (Full Time Workers) or employee registration form (Casual/Hourly Workers).

When the Employer Registration is processed, the nominated contact person will receive an email confirmation of registration including an Employer Number. The email includes your registration details and all the necessary information to assist with submitting employer returns.

If you would like assistance to explain your obligations, to register or lodge returns please contact us. We can arrange for a Field Officer to visit, discuss with you over the phone or respond to your email.


The construction industry has four major aspects that aim to be addressed by portable long service leave.

Benefit – Managing Multiple Employers and Projects

TasBuild tracks employment across multiple Tasmanian employers to ensure all relevant employment is counted towards achieving a long service entitlement.
A large component of the work undertaken in the construction industry is project based and workers move from project to project. Portable Long Service ensures workers don’t miss out simply because of the industry they work in.

Benefit – Taking the Pressure off Employers

TasBuild takes responsibility for the administration of a worker’s long service rather than the employer. TasBuild also takes the financial risk away from the employer to ensure the benefit will be available when the employee achieves the required service. In the situation where the employee is on a salary of $1,000 per week and employed for 10 years with a single employer, the cost savings to the employer are approximately $8,000 if TasBuild manage the service. Higher salaries mean a much higher saving.

Benefit – Taking a Well Earned Break

Having an extended break from heavy manual work gives employees the chance to refresh and recharge. It can also mean the employee is more focused and productive on their return.

Benefit – Keeping Tasmania in Step

All other States and Territories provide portable long service and by the Tasmanian industry offering portable long service we will remain competitive with the interstate construction sectors.


The ‘construction industry’ is any or all work described in the Division E and classes of Division C of the Australian, New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) Code 1993 where in relation to Division C it involves the construction and installation or fixing of goods, materials or products for use in or in connection with that industry.
For a list of industries and classes please refer to the Construction Industry flyer but note that the classes listed for Division C may include more than those listed depending on individual circumstances.


Returns are required to be submitted on a monthly basis within 14 days of the end of each return period. (ie: Returns for June need to be submitted by 14th July.) We will send you an email to let you know when your return is available to complete in the Employer Portal.
The information required to be submitted for each worker in relevant employment is;

  • Amount of ordinary pay received during the reporting period (period Pay)
  • Number of paid days in relevant employment during the reporting period
  • Registration of any new workers that commenced to undertake Relevant Employment during the period;
  • Reporting of any worker that ceased employment during the period including their registration number, date of cessation and reason for cessation.

If you do not have any Relevant Employment to report for a worker then a “Nil” return must be submitted.
It is very important that the information declared on your Employer Return is correct as this information is used to calculate your employee’s long service leave entitlement.

Reporting of Wages

Do Report these Components

Ordinary Pay
Casual Employees
Annual Leave
Paid Sick Leave
Workers Compensation Payments
Rostered Days Off
Public Holidays
Tool Allowance
Industry Allowance
Leading Hand Allowance

Don’t Report these Components

Casual Loading
Annual Leave Loading
Redundancy Payments
Accumulated Annual Leave and RDO’s on Termination
Accommodation/Living Away from Home Allowance
Meal Allowance
Travel Allowance and/or Phone Allowance
Vehicle Allowance

Please note: The above is used as a guide only. Contact TasBuild on (03) 6294 0807 if you would like to discuss any particular allowances or payments that may or may not need to be included in your return, or refer to the Rules of the Construction Industry Long Service Fund, Part 6, 13 – Ordinary Pay.


What is the Contribution Rate?

The contribution rate is 2.5% of the ordinary pay paid to employees undertaking Relevant Employment.

If you lodge your returns and pay the contribution invoices by the scheduled due dates then you will be eligible for a discounted rate of 1.8%.

How do I calculate the contribution?

To calculate the contribution required, simply multiply the worker’s ordinary daily gross wage, multiplied by the days the worker was paid for in the return period. The result is multiplied by 1.8% or 2.5% as applicable.
(Daily Gross Wage x Paid Days) x 1.8% (2.5%) = Contribution

What are the due dates for submitting returns and making payments?

Monthly returns are generated on or around the 22nd of each month and must be submitted within 14 days of the end of each return period. Once you have submitted a return, you have until the end of the month after the contribution invoice is issued in to make payment.
For example:

  • June return is generated on the 22nd June and email sent notifying ready to complete.
  • Due date for completion of return 14th July.
  • Due date for payment of invoice for June return, 31st August.

If you lodge your returns and pay invoices by the required due dates you will be charged at the discounted rate of 1.8%.

Did a worker leave employment during the return period?

If any of your workers have ceased employment, you will need to terminate them in an OPEN Employer return. Click on the More menu (the three vertical dots located on the right hand side of the line that contains the workers name) and select Terminate. Follow the prompts by entering the Termination Date, Termination Wage if applicable and the Termination reason. You can terminate any workers in an open return, regardless of when they were terminated.

When terminating a worker the period Pay should only include working days. Annual leave loading, accrued annual leave, RDO’s and any bonus or redundancy payments paid on termination are not to be included in the Termination Wage.

Is GST applicable?

GST is not charged on employer contributions.

How do I register a new worker?

New workers can be added any time though the Employer Login on the Workers tab or when completing your Employer Returns.

How do I pay invoices?

The Trustee accepts payments by BPay, electronic funds transfer (EFT) and Direct Debit. Cheques can be posted to TasBuild Limited, PO Box 3031, Rosny Park 7018, or delivered to our office at Level 3, 6 Bayfield Street, Rosny Park. Payment methods are detailed in the Remittance Advice of the invoice.

To ensure EFT deposited amounts are allocated correctly to your account, please ensure that you enter your employer number in the Reference Field.

Monthly or Quarterly?

As an employer you are required to submit monthly returns. However, you can apply to submit quarterly returns if you have a good compliance history of submitting returns and paying invoices within trading terms. An employer may apply to submit quarterly returns if they have 5 or less employees or a contribution amount of less than $500 per month and it is to support alignment with the quarterly completion of a Business Activity Statement by a bookkeeper or accountant. Contact us if you think you are eligible.

What Is Relevant Employment?

Relevant employment includes any work on a permanent or casual basis in the Construction Industry on the site of the work or in making, preparing, storing, or transporting goods or material for use in that work where the period of employment is for at least one full day.

It does not include work for an employer not engaged in the Construction Industry in the maintenance of plant and equipment despite the work being similar to work undertaken in the Construction Industry.