TasBuild Limited was created to manage the Portable Long Service Fund for eligible workers in the Tasmanian construction industry. We are a private trustee company which was appointed to this task by the Tasmanian Government in 1998. Our role is to ensure the fund operates according to the fund rules and the Construction Industry (Long Service) Act 1997.

The TasBuild Board reflects the industry with members representative of many sectors. The Board consists of the following:

  • An independent Chairperson who is also a Director;
  • Three Directors who represent workers in the construction industry; and
  • Three Directors who represent employers in the construction industry.


TasBuild keeps a record of service, collects a long service charge, invests funds to generate income and pays eligible Long Service Entitlements to Tasmanian Construction workers. We also provide guidance to employers to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the Act.

TasBuild maintains registers for:

  • employers operating in the construction industry,
  • workers in relevant employment and
  • self-employed workers working in the construction industry if they meet the specified requirements.

The TasBuild register records any reported relevant employment undertaken by a worker. This is done in a single account so that employment reported across multiple employers can still count toward achieving an entitlement. If a worker moves to or from another State, TasBuild liaises with our interstate counterparts (with the workers authorisation) to ensure Tasmanian service or interstate service is correctly recognised for entitlement eligibility.

TasBuild also undertakes a compliance role to ensure employers comply with their obligations. We aim to ensure that there is a level playing field across the industry and we work to protect worker entitlements.

The long service charges paid by employers are invested to generate investment income and growth. This approach ensures workers in the construction industry are able to receive a long service benefit and the employer long service charge is maintained at the lowest rate possible.


In Tasmania the Construction Industry (Long Service) Act 1997 provides for long service benefits for persons employed in relevant employment within the construction industry. The legislation allows employees who work for a number of employers to accrue an entitlement based on their relevant employment across all construction industry employers. This is allowed both in Tasmania or interstate, provided there are no periods of more than 4 years where relevant employment is not recorded.

Workers qualify for an entitlement when they reach 2,600 days of reported relevant employment.

TasBuild provides funding for up to 13 weeks leave based on the salary at the time of reaching your entitlement.


For the documents that primarily direct, control and govern the operations of TasBuild go to Corporate Documents.