Submitting Employer Returns

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Calculating the Daily Rate, Paid Days & Period Pay

Did a new worker commence work during the return period?

Did a worker leave employment during the return period?

How do I pay invoices?

Monthly or Quarterly?

Did a new worker commence work during the return period?

  • Fill in the new worker’s personal and contact details.
  • Complete the Start Date column and Period Pay for the reporting period.

Did a worker leave employment during the return period?

  • Select Terminate, choose the relevant Termination Code, as per the table below:

1.  Resignation

2.  Retrenchment

3.  Project Completed

4.  Misconduct

7.  Ill health/incapacity

8.  Retirement

9.  Death

  • Enter the date employment ceased as the End Date and their Ordinary Weekly Pay.
  • When terminating a worker the Period Pay should only include working days.  Annual leave, bonus payments, redundancy payments paid out on termination should not be included.
  • Termination Days worked should include normal days worked, rostered days off, annual leave, paid sick leave, days off on workers compensation.

How do I pay invoices?

The Trustee accepts payments by BPay, electronic funds transfer (EFT) and Direct Debit.  Cheques can be posted to TasBuild Limited, PO Box 3031, Rosny Park 7018,  or delivered to our office at Level 3, 6 Bayfield Street, Rosny Park.  Payment methods are detailed in the Remittance Advice of the invoice.

TasBuild currently has over 1,700 employers and strives to provide the best possible service. To ensure EFT deposited amounts are allocated correctly,  please ensure that you enter your employer number in the Reference Field.

Monthly or Quarterly?

As an employer you are required to submit monthly returns. However, you can apply to submit quarterly returns if you have a good compliance history of submitting returns and paying invoices within trading terms. An employer that has a contribution amount of less than $100 per month may also apply to submit quarterly returns. Contact us if you think you are eligible.