Statement by Mr. Chris Atkins, the Chief Executive Officer of TasBuild Limited.

Over 600 workers or 5.3 percent of the local construction industry workforce have left the industry over the 12 months to 30 June 2013. Based on TasBuild Limited long service statistics the majority of those leaving have done so on their own volition as less than 2.4% of the 619 left the industry due to redundancies. Mr. Chris Atkins the CEO of TasBuild Limited, the Trustee of the Construction Industry Portable Long Service Fund in Tasmania said; “Employees are voting with their feet, they recognize that work is limited and red tape and other issues are causing delays for major projects. They are leaving the industry and Tasmania, to take up job opportunities in other sectors and states where work is perceived to be more secure and guaranteed.” Mr. Atkins added; “The number of workers leaving the industry underscores the need for both Government and developers to provide some certainty about the commencement dates for projects, higher level of certainty in this area would see local tradesmen remain in Tasmania as they would be able to clearly plan their future around known work outcomes.” Statistically the South has been hardest hit by workers departing the industry with 53.8 percent of those leaving from this area; departures from the Northwest Region represented 24.7 percent and from the North 21.5 percent. Mr. Atkins commented that the Government had done a great job in identifying future construction projects for Tasmania and indicated, the important next step is for them to provide the industry with certainty by committing to commencement dates. He said, their commitment to this, will ensure we will still have a local construction workforce to do the work and not be required to import labour.