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What Is The Construction Industry?

A requirement to make a contribution to the fund arises when:

  • An employer is engaged in the construction industry, and
  • That employer employs an employee to carry out construction work in the construction industry. This is called relevant employment.

The 'construction industry' is any industry described in the relevant sections of Division C and all of Division E of the Australian, New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) Code. The ANZSIC codes can be viewed at the offices of TasBuild or online by following the links.

The industry of "Ship Building" which was covered by the old Act, was excluded from 1 July 1998.

Maintenance of plant and equipment when carried out by an employer not in the construction industry, is also excluded.

The definition of an employee has been extended to include self-employed workers where the contract is wholly or substantially for the labour of the person, group training companies and labour hire agencies, provided the work is in the construction industry.