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TasBuild's Privacy Policy Statement

TasBuild Limited respects the privacy of individuals.

Protecting personal information has always been important to us and the law requires that personal information be protected. Personal information is handled in accordance with National Privacy Principles.

This is a summary of TasBuild Limited's policy on the management of personal information about Workers and Employers.

Why is information collected and retained?

TasBuild Limited collects and retains information from employers and workers as required by the Construction Industry Long Service Act 1997 to determine a workers eligibility and entitlement to portable long service in the construction industry.

The Commonwealth Privacy Legislation is complimentary legislation. The Privacy Legislation does not replace legal obligations on workers and employers to provide such information as mentioned in this policy and on this website to TasBuild.

The Commonwealth Privacy Legislation sits alongside the Construction Industry Long Service Legislation to compliment it. TasBuild takes privacy issues very seriously.

What information is collected and retained?

For workers the personal information collected by TasBuild Limited generally includes: name and address, contact details, date of birth, occupation and tax file number (if the worker has chosen to quote it). TasBuild Limited normally collects this information through Worker Information Advice Forms, but may also collect information from a workers employer. This information is needed to process each workers application and administer his or her entitlement. Over time this information is supplemented with financial and other information necessary to administer members records.

For employers, this includes data such as business name, address, telephone numbers, email address and contact person for the organisation, data provided to TasBuild Limited on employer return forms and details of financial transactions. Information may also be sought from employers regarding engagement arrangements with contractors to ascertain compliance with the legislation.

In the event of a dispute about a workers entitlement or the non payment of a long service charge by an employer, TasBuild may disclose information about the worker or employer to legal advisers.

How long is information retained?

Records are retained indefinitely as the scheme provides for itinerant work patterns. Workers may leave and re-enter the construction industry and add to their previous entitlement.

Who may access records?

Workers can access their own personal information recorded by TasBuild Limited and any information supplied by any employer who has registered service days and service charge payments for them on employer return forms. Workers may ask to see information that we hold about them and to have that information corrected if required.

Employers can access their own personal data, historical returns data and financial transactions with TasBuild Limited. They can also access their current workers' service accruals but not that accrued with other employers.

TasBuild Limited Personnel
Authorised TasBuild Limited personnel may access records of workers and employers for the purpose of administering the scheme in accordance with the Construction Industry Long Service Act 1997.

Interstate Schemes
A reciprocal arrangement between schemes in all States and the Australian Capital Territory provides for the exchange of worker service details, upon request by the worker. This allows for continuity of accrual of long service within the construction industry Australia wide and eventual payment of that entitlement.

Other Parties
TasBuild Limited will not sell or pass any information to third parties unless the information is required by law such as the Australian Taxation Office or Centrelink. Information on employer compliance with State Government Tender Registration is provided to the relevant Government Agency.

Information that is aggregated and does not identify an individual may be released for reporting purposes.

How can records be accessed?

By providing a password and username to TasBuild Limited employers may enquire and lodge information. Workers may use their registration number and password they provide to TasBuild Limited.

Telephone or email and provide proof of identity.

Visit the offices of TasBuild Limited and provide proof of identity.

Further information about the nature of personal information that we that we hold and how it is handled may be obtained from TasBuild Limited.

Further information about the Privacy Act can be obtained from the Federal Government Commissioner's hotline on 
1300 363 992 or www.privacy.gov.au