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How Is A Worker's Entitlement Calculated?

Historically workers in the construction industry accrued 13 weeks after 15 years of service, with pro-rata entitlements, under certain circumstances, occurring after seven years or ten years of service. Employees who had 15 years reckonable service* in the construction industry become automatically entitled to 13 weeks long service leave.

Effective 1 January 2006 workers commenced accruing 13 weeks after 10 years of service. Existing benefits were not converted. Workers in effect, as from the January 2006 return, started accruing leave quicker!

Pro-rata entitlements still apply. After 55 days: on death or permanent disability and after 2 years on retirement or

(note: these apply only if at the time the worker was engaged in relevant employment and if the permanent disability is of such a nature that the worker cannot return to employment within the industry).

An employee who has more than 7 years reckonable service* can still claim a pro-rata entitlements from the scheme if they terminate their employment due to the following reasons:

Termination by the employer (other than for serious and wilful misconduct).

You terminated your employment on account of a domestic or other pressing necessity.

You terminated your employment on account of your illness or incapacity (of such a nature as to justify the termination), and the illness or incapacity prevented you from engaging in relevant employment.

Subsequent entitlements are payable upon the completion of each additional 5 years of reckonable service*.

*TasBuild Limited maintains detailed records of the reckonable service of all employees in respect of whom returns and contributions are submitted by employers. 

You are paid your normal gross weekly rate of pay, including tool allowances but excluding travel and fares allowances, overtime payment and leave loading. However, where there has been an abnormal wage variation, either increase or decrease, during the accumulation period, this may have an impact on the ordinary rate of pay for the payment. Tax is deducted from the amount paid. There are some instances where your current weekly wage may be reduced depending on specific circumstances. 

Upon applying for an entitlement from the scheme a current pay slip is obtained from the worker and confirmation of the current wage is also obtained from the employer before the entitlement is paid.

To apply for long service simply contact TasBuild and request an application form or download one from the forms section of this website. 

Tax is deducted from long service payments at the rate specified by the Australian Taxation Office and a Payment Summary provided for taxation purposes.

Payments can only be made in minimum weekly lots.

Entitlement payments are generally made within three weeks of the lodgement of an application, on the next occurring Tuesday. However should you require your payment to be made on a specific date please request this with TasBuild staff.

Payments are made directly into the workers bank account.