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How Are Contributions Made?

If defined as being in the construction industry (go to What is the Construction Industry?) then there is a legal obligation to register with the Trustee.

A registration number is then issued and the employer is sent returns to be completed on behalf of workers. (Should there be no current employees the registration status can be turned to 'Registered but not contributing' with the obligation on the employer to advise TasBuild should that change).

Returns are forwarded to the employer towards the end of each month (generally the 22nd). This is to be completed and forwarded to TasBuild by the 14th of the following month. Alternatively returns can be completed online.

Due to the implementation of GST (Goods & Services Tax) from 1 July 2000 it was a requirement that GST be charged on contributions and a tax invoice provided to the employer for payment. We have been successful in obtaining an exemption from charging GST on Employer Contributions with effect from 1 July 2005. For contributions from 1 July 2005 and onwards, we will not charge employers GST. However for employers who may have outstanding contributions please note we are still required to charge GST on all contributions between the periods 1 July 2000 and 1 July 2005. Upon receipt of the return, a tax invoice is prepared and sent to the employer with the following months return, payment is due within 30 days from the date of the invoice. (For example, the return for March would be sent to the employer on approximately the 22nd of March. The February return would have been submitted by the 14th of March. The Tax Invoice for February's return is sent with the March return and so on.) For employers who complete returns online, tax invoices are forwarded via email.

It is very important to submit the returns and pay invoices on time to receive the heavily subsidised rate of 0.7% (from 1 July 2006 - 0.3%, from 1 April 2009 - 0.6% & from 1 October 2009 - 2%). If returns are not submitted on time or invoices not paid on time they are calculated at the full rate of approximately 1.67% or 2.5% (pre and post July 2006).

The return is pre-printed with all relevant information and current employees listed. Employers are required to complete the Number of Days Worked* in the Period and the Period Pay** columns.

New employee commenced during the return period?

Should additional worker/s have been employed during the period, simply write in their registration number if they are already registered with TasBuild, if not leave blank. Write the workers full name, complete the Start Date column and complete the employee's details on the back of the return i.e. address, date of birth, occupation and include any gross amount paid to them in the period.

An employee left your employment during the return period?

Should an employee have left your employment during the return period complete the End Date submitting the date they left, the relevant Termination Code and their Ordinary Weekly Pay. When advising the Period Pay amount do not include annual leave loading, accumulated annual leave on termination, bonus payments or redundancy payments.

What are the payment methods for Invoices?

The Trustee accepts payments via cash (please not by post), cheque, electronic funds transfer and Bpay. If you would like additional information in order to pay via the above methods please contact us.

* Days Worked should include normal days worked, rostered days off, annual leave, paid sick leave, days off on workers compensation and public holidays.

** Period Pay is the gross ordinary pay received in the period but does not include overtime, annual leave loading, bonus payments, redundancy payments or allowances (fares & travelling, disability, board & lodging, meal and vehicle allowances). However, Tool Allowance is included.