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1999 Information and Media Releases

21 December 1999 - Media Release

TasBuild Limited announced that it is to provide funds to ensure the commencement of two important Tasmanian construction projects. TasBuild is to provide $3 million for the Hobart Silos Project and $1.1 million for the Glenorchy City Cinema Complex.

TasBuild Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, David Louez said: "Both projects represent significant investments and are a great pre-Christmas boost for the construction industry in Tasmania."

Deputy Premier, Paul Lennon said: "The two investments were further expression of confidence in the state economy and would help drive the emerging recovery in the building and construction industry."

29 November 1999 - Media Release

In a attempt to kick start the ailing Tasmanian construction industry more than $8m in seed funding has been made available to developers. TasBuild announced that the release of these funds represents an alternative source of finance and will create employment opportunities for both beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries.

As part of the announcement TasBuild Chairman, David Louez has called for project briefs from construction developers interested in accessing funds.

An example of how the funds will work is the recent development of the Devonport cinema complex by Gordon Ibbott Pty Ltd. By TasBuild offering the funds, Gordon Ibbott Pty Ltd was able to attract other finance and hence get the project off the ground.

22 November 1999

Relocation to new premises, TasBuild is now located at:

Level 1, 115 Central Avenue, Derwent Park, 7009.

New mailing address:

PO Box 526, Moonah, 7009.

Telephone and facsimile numbers remain unchanged.

20 June 1999

The Trustee is pleased to announce that with effect from the September 1999 return the long service leave charge (contribution) rate has been reduced from 1% to 0.7%. Coinciding with this announcement employees who have accrued at least ten years of reckonable service and are still engaged in relevant employment are entitled to make an application to the fund for a pro-rata entitlement.

These are exciting new benefits for both the employer and employee!

20 April 1999

TasBuild has finalised its migration away from government infrastructure and are pleased to announce the successful implementation of a new computer system. This means a quicker and more efficient service for you!

A major benefit is the generation of a monthly return to assist you in advising the Trustee of your employees.

1 April 1999

The Trustee recently approved that where monthly contributions are less than $50.00 the employer may seek approval for returns to be lodged on a quarterly basis.

Should you wish to seek approval from the Trustee to lodge quarterly returns please contact the TasBuild office.

1 April 1999

TasBuild would like to remind employers of the option of paying monthly returns electronically, via Electronic Funds Transfer. There are different methods of EFT. Should you wish to avail yourself of this option please contact the Trustee and further information will be forwarded to you.